Todd Omohundro "Todd o" is a songwriter/composer/singer/performer and lover of life!

Todd grew up in Central Pennsylvania with two passions: music and tennis. His entire life has been based around a love of music, tennis, animals and learning! Todd's world views are living in harmony with nature, consistently learning and being respectful of all cultures. 

Todd O just completed a new album in Los Angeles California entitled "The Future Is Calling" with legendary session musicians. Download tracks by clicking HERE

If you love bands with an amazing horn section like Chicago, Tower Of Power, Steely Dan, Blood Sweat & Tears, Earth Wind & Fire etc - you will LOVE Todd's new album!

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Feel the magic, feel the joy, feel the love, feel the passionate vocals, feel the rocking guitars and screaming horn section !

CDs and Vinyl will be available soon. 

Todd Omohundro is a voting member of the Grammy Awards 

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