Todd Omohundro is a lover of life and music!

Singer, piano, drums, bass 

Music composer/songwriter 

77 songs, 10 instrumentals, 10 albums

Voting member of the Grammy Organization 




Listen to album: Philadelphia Dreaming 



Yachiyo Shiroyama Japan - “Philadelphia Dreaming is an Amazing album!” 

Lorenzo Settepanella Italy - “Please check this new amazing release by the adult contemporary singer songwriter Todd Omohundro 'Philadelphia Dreaming' - Crispy guitars, real horns arrangements reminding Chicago's 70s sound, sophisticated songwriting, a lot of heart…” 

Mae Sambrano Phillipines - “Wow! Todd 'Os album Philadelphia Dreaming sounds magnificent! Super cool. I love all of his music. ” 

Denise Zuniga Canada - “I Love these songs and the band performing your music is awesome” 

Celine Flynn Ireland - ""Great lyrics, sound and great beat"!