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Just Fly   (1984)

        In Your Eyes

        Far Away

        Clear Blue Skies

        Just Fly


Scented Like A Rose  (1994)

        Main Street Shuffle

        Scented Like A Rose

        Somewhere On The Way

        Shades Of Heaven’s Love

        How I Long For You

        You’d Better Think Again

        Filled With Love

        Feels So Good


2000 Years  (1999)

        Race Against Time

        The Greatness In Me

        2000 Years

        Odd Time

        Thank God I’m Still Alive

        Lost In Freedom Land

        Down By The River

        Rotten In Denmark

        Living On The Main Line

        When You Are By My Side


Spirit Of Life  (2001)

        Love Goes On Forever

        Kick It Out

        Dance The Blues Away

        All This Love That You Will Never Know

        Let Go Of The Pain

        Such An Age

        The Killing Fields

        Dorothy Jean

        We Are All One



Living Free In A Beautiful World (2003)

        Time Just Slips Away

        Rhythm Bandits

        Precious Days

        Snake In The Basement

        River Of My Heart

        Seek & Hide

        Living Free In A Beautiful World


All That’s Real EP  (2007)

        Gorgeous Summer Day

        Feel My Love

        All That’s Real


My Pennsylvania Home  (2012)

        Love The Way You Smile

        You Are My Dream

        Mismatchers & Miscreants

        How Wonderful

        Peaceful Breeze

        Holy Wine

        Summer Of Love


Philadelphia Dreaming (2017)

        So Wish

        Upside Down World

        In My Sweet Dreams

        All The Row Homes

        Atlantic City 

        Create More Love

        Philadelphia Dreaming

        Questions Flow


Fireworks In The Rain (2018)

        You Are My Love

        Real Life Forrest Gump

        Fireworks In The Rain

        Just A Matter Of Time

        Squeeze It

        Big Juicy Life

        Warm And Cozy Love 


Greetings From Ocean New Jersey  (2019)

        A New Tide Rolls

        My Ocean Joy

        Flesh & Bones

        Independence Day

        Figuring It Out As I Go


The Future Is Calling (2021)

       The Future Is Calling

       When You Feel True Love

       Taste Of Honey

       Drowning In Content

       Squeeze It In My Soul

       Dance The Blues Away